The CN domain name registration registration personal opening triggered big price war tide

recently, the China Internet Information Center announced that allow individuals to apply, including.CN and China, including the Internet top-level domain name, and innovation launched the name domain name registration. This news release will lead to ".CN" and "Chinese." cybersquatting boom, which many famous domain name is "economic mind" the first time users registered, open on the first day, ".CN" domain name registrations reached 20 thousand, is 20 times the usual.

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, the domain name registration website login, fill in the domain name (not registered) registration information, and then submit ID card photo upload electronic audit, domain name service provider and Chinese Internet information center through the audit, Internet users have their own personalized domain name.

registered with hot, major domestic domain registrar also started the price war, have launched the ".CN" domain name registration promotions, the original 100 yuan a year ".CN" registration fees, down to 12 to 50 yuan a year before.

, a lot of users before the registration will be the first to check their names and their families have been registered, want to register a name for themselves or their families. There are a lot of young fashion parents want to give their children to send a special ‘domain name gift’." Domain name registration business vice president Chinese nets Song Yingqiao said, "and the past is different, in the name of the domain name of the application, more concentrated in the micro-blog, photo album, blog and other media applications, personal domain name will become" a sign of media "era, which reflects the openness of the internet."

Song Yingqiao believes that the era of Web1.0, users of online activities are limited to instant communication tools online contact, browse news and bubble Forum; and the Web2.0 era, micro-blog, Facebook and other popular social networking platform, ".CN" and "China." domain name open, users themselves can create a fully self display personal information center platform to realize online real-time interaction.

with the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, personalized domain name will also have a wider range of uses. For example, someone set up shop on the electronic business platform, the address is a unified domain name registration, it is difficult to reflect the alienation of business." Insiders suggested that, after the opening of individual applications, the owner can register Personalized Address, to better enlarge the brand effect."