When the nternet box policy crisis SARFT interviewed CNTV

China Times reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

looks, Internet companies proud of soft power, with the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television (hereinafter referred to as SARFT) and gradually eliminate the strong regulation.

August 20th, SARFT criticized CNTV (China network television)’s future TV rectification ineffective, pointed out that cooperation with millet, music as set-top box UI (user interface) violation. This is also the first time SARFT UI Internet set-top boxes that violations.

SARFT regulation undoubtedly change the Internet box play. When the ecological model of the Internet box encounter challenges, known as the subversion of millet, music as well, but also how many opportunities?

UI into the regulatory object

let the Internet box who did not expect is that their own research and development of the UI has become a new regulatory sarft.

close to the SARFT insiders confirmed SARFT has interviewed the future of television in August 20th of the "China Times" reporter, there is criticism of its cooperation with millet, music and other Internet companies in the problem, rectification ineffective.

he told reporters, according to SARFT insiders revealed to him, the interviews did not call seven licenses with "denounced" the general assembly, but seven licenses phased in batches to SARFT report the rectification results.

although SARFT criticized the license side, but the standard is still the target of Internet companies released set-top boxes.

the industry insiders told reporters, has not been mentioned SARFT UI has become a new target of criticism.

SARFT criticized millet, music and other manufacturers as the Internet set-top box UI interface irregularities, and stressed that only the license side launched the UI is compliance legal.


has always stressed that UI is the core of millet, music, as a serious blow.

UI is the interactive interface of the operating system of Internet TV terminal. As the music network CEO Jia Jia is regarded as the core competitiveness of Letv TV smart TV as UI.

he said in October last year, S50 super TV conference, said, LeTV UI system is actually a web site, we have a large number of user interaction interface, rather than an ordinary hardware desktop."

is currently the two companies have told reporters that the license has not received a notice requiring the parties to modify the UI.

millet science and technology relevant responsible person, told reporters that UI is a new issue, SARFT also did not have the appropriate specification. But millet will be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. He also told reporters that millet and CNTV cooperation is still in normal.

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