Foreign management network approach

"the Internet is not entirely a virtual world, it is the essence of reality. The Internet for the public, the direct impact on society." Cai Mingzhao, deputy director of the State Council Information Office has described the relationship between the Internet and society. Statistics said that in 2009 the number of Internet users in the world will be more than 1 billion, according to the law to manage the network has become a topic of growing concern in various countries. Reporters learned that Egypt, Israel and Greece and many other countries are thinking about how to strengthen the management of the Internet, looking for the ideal path. The United States in the past 10 years has also issued a "1998 children’s online privacy protection act," "minors Internet Protection Act," "anti spam law," and other relevant provisions of the Internet management. In addition to national legislation, the government set up a proposal, members of the network crime, media bosses keep posting on the Internet and online comments this array of countries in the network management field, at the same time, also attaches great importance to promoting users self-discipline.

Egyptian Cafe boss: no one dares to visit the Yellow site

One evening in

at the beginning of March, the reporter in the center of Cairo’s "speed Internet cafes" see, there are more than and 20 computer the ordinary room, the room was filled with young people, there are five or six women. The cafe owner Saab Lee told reporters, as the scale of the Internet cafes in Cairo has a lot of, is very popular with young people. The network freedom is relatively large, open Internet cafes are not in trouble, but the Egyptian authorities to the Internet checks at any time. Sabury said that he opened in this cafe, no one dared to browse the Yellow web. According to his observation, some of Egypt’s website has deleted users a message of the phenomenon, especially relates to religion, politics, political and other sensitive topics, however, because the number is too large, which often Gubuguolai, some radical remarks gave the impression is not good". In Cairo, several other Internet cafes on the wall, the reporter saw, some stick with the public morality, please follow the tips. An Internet cafe boss said that if a person published illegal remarks, or the dissemination of pornographic content, the relevant departments will be through the ISP (Internet service provider) quickly find the address, and processing. There is also a boss said that Egypt is similar to other countries of the network police.

it is understood that in Egypt, there are 4 laws on Internet management, involving cybercrime, intellectual property rights, telecommunications management, electronic signatures, etc.. In 1994, Egypt’s civil Decree No. 143rd decided to set up a special department – the Ministry of the interior under the national computer and cybercrime division to crack down on computer and network crime. In addition, the Ministry of communications, cabinet information and decision support center and the Egyptian military is also involved in management.

Israeli lawmakers on network management is busy proposal

compared with Egypt, Israel due to the rapid development of computer technology and network penetration, Internet cafes are not many. Israel is a relatively open country in the Middle East, but the relevant departments of the State Council and a number of online pornography, cybercrime still attaches great importance to. With the increasing number of Internet users, Israeli lawmakers continue to put forward about Internet information