Stationmaster net broadcast Cheetah NYSE listing tonight Q WeChat or be made one or a death

1 cheetah NYSE listed tonight: the highest issue price of $14.5 market capitalization of $2 billion

May 8th news, according to the U.S. financial website iposcoop reported that cheetah (formerly Jinshan network) will be tonight (May 8th) officially listed on the nyse.

cheetah on 3 April, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) first submitted the prospectus, plans listed on the New York stock exchange under the ticker symbol CMCM, issue price per American Depositary Shares (ADS) $12.5 to 14.5 U.S. dollars, the proposed maximum financing $200 million 100 thousand.

in the Underwriters, the cheetah underwriters including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, credit suisse.

2 mobile phone QQ and WeChat in the future may be made one, or one of them will die  

mobile phone QQ has increasingly become a transitional product, its mission is to help the first Tencent on the PC side of the business transfer to the mobile terminal WeChat, such as social networking, games, electricity providers and so on, but also on the PC side of hundreds of millions of users and their complex social relations chain. The second is to optimize the product and user experience, to ensure seamless PC and mobile terminal, the original "to QQ as the core of a one-stop online life" has quietly become "to WeChat as the core of a one-stop mobile Internet life". Therefore, we believe that the two Tencent made distinctions won in battle products, may be made one future, or there is a dead end.

these two days the most eye-catching news, in addition to Ali finally submitted to the United States listed prospectus, it is necessary to count the WeChat thing. According to media reports, in May 6th, the Tencent announced organizational restructuring, the establishment of WeChat group, WeChat CEO Zhang Xiaolong as business group president. WeChat group is responsible for WeChat’s basic platform, WeChat open platform, as well as the development of WeChat payment expansion, O2O and other WeChat business extension, and including email, address book and other product development and operations.

3 major events announced: Baidu and South Korea SM company strategic cooperation conference held  

A5 webmaster network on May 8th afternoon news: Baidu official micro-blog said this morning: the afternoon of a major event!!! It is not appropriate to say! According to the picture information, you can see that the time is two o’clock. Now events announced: Baidu and South Korea SM company held a strategic cooperation conference.

along with everyone’s big guess, according to micro-blog pictures do not know if anyone guess. But now, the event has finally been revealed, two o’clock in the afternoon, Baidu, South Korea SM strategic cooperation conference held as scheduled, and now Baidu and SM strategic cooperation conference is being broadcast live.

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