QQ space how to control our material

we all know that content is king. But as we do our space before doing the best is to accurately locate what to do. For the more popular content, we’d better not go to the intake, although there are a lot of fans to do funny, such as the number of fans, but when we do for a long time we will find two questions.

first: content lacks

content this is for us to play a vital role. The amount of our fans and the amount of reading is closely related to the content. We know that some of us can grow hundreds of friends every day, but some can only grow by dozens or even ten, which are related to the quality of our content. We can compare with the peer QQ, we are also the same as the content, but we have a number of forwarding dozens, some more than and 100, and some indeed a few hundred, this is mainly for two reasons:

(1) heading

title plays a guiding role, we a good title can directly guide the fans to read, good title can attract more people to click. This is a great experience as men took us the example, now see the girl one summer go out wearing a skirt. There is a sense of guilt in the heart. This is mainly from the temptation of them, simply because they are deeply attracted to your body. First of all, regardless of how positive the sister, just the body attracted us, this is like we say the title. One to see the title is attractive, why not click to read it? First of all, do not say how the content, click on the number of people on the title because it attracted a lot of people on the big increase for us exposure. If the content is very good, itself is able to increase the amount of reading, but because we do not have enough attractive title, then we will not be able to achieve the desired amount of view. We know that only after the high volume of our forwarding will be high. So we spread out to attract new fans will be more.

(2) content itself

content itself is also very important, even if we have a good title, but our content is not good, then it is difficult to form a forwarding, so it can not bring new fans. So we all know the material is very important, so where are they from?


we know there are a lot of post bar is very active, we can find what we want in this material. Some people may ask, what is the Post Bar? We can match our direct search keywords Post Bar name can be found. After we find out directly in the selection of their own needs as our material. There are few watermarks in these pictures, so it is more convenient.


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