Where is the way to the station

reminds me of Hao123 acquisition, 265 of the financing, seems to have a lot of small webmaster see hope. Everyone wants to cut a piece of cake on the site of the site navigation, even with no cream.

time flies, from the beginning of 2008 site navigation station is no longer so fire, most have to follow the trend of Hao123, 265 of the navigation station can not adhere to the final year of the Olympic Games, even to now also linger, dying.

a lot of people do not ask: is there any way out of the site navigation station? Today is Explorer Web site navigation prospects and development mode about.


navigation station should be refined:

Why should


site navigation station can be divided into integrated navigation, industry navigation, local navigation. Now as hao123, 265 as integrated navigation station has become fixed. The success of hao123, but the hao123 replication did not succeed, we do not have as much as 265 of the domain name, not so much money to burn, so we should change the idea. Professional and local development of new models.

how to refine?

navigation station to understand the painting circle, around some people can. The following anatomy through a variety of representative site navigation site analysis.

a, industry refinement:

www.3858.cn this is actually a new navigation mode. (business opportunities navigation) he is painting a circle, the businessman, entrepreneurial circle. Take a look at this example www.5473.com tourism industry navigation station, seize the tourism industry, very fine points. Such segmentation can capture the needs of the effective user. As long as the site does have information, content. The probability of a return visit is relatively large.

two, local refinement:

www.0793sr.com and www.netsun.com/ these two navigation stations will do their own local information is very full, very fine. Each local industry contains a lot of business opportunities. If every industry on the local users can find the required information quickly in your navigation station. Then the viral campaign will make your navigation stand up.

three, career refinement:

www.laoshi123.com grab users for each category of occupations. Circle the user groups with the same needs. This refinement mode easily into viral promotion. The ability to survive is relatively large.

four, final refinement:

www.gaysswang.com it is to seize the needs of special groups, you can see this is hanging around advertising, I think he can earn a lot of money a month.