Who is the dark horse of the five car marketing campaign against PK creative enterprises

recently found in the small view the official WeChat car prices, car prices are more concentrated in the enterprise publicity activities reported, while Luyuan relaxed moment is in a relaxed, humorous way of publicity make small eyes bright, unique way of marketing this does not rigidly adhere to the public is respected industry.

at present, the electric car industry reshuffle to further deepen, the competition situation is more complicated, the electric car companies have begun to continue to increase investment in the brand influence, many car companies began seeking new and innovative marketing methods. Xiao Bian summed up the five electric car enterprises unique marketing ideas, readers may wish to take a look at who will be the champion.

Emma: Fan Bingbing VS Jay Chou star endorsement dominate

according to the network of electric car era incomplete statistics, up to now, there are a total of 56 stars in the industry, many of which are international superstar such as Gong Li, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau, but also invited two star endorsement so far only the Emma family.


Fan Bingbing and Jay Chou is a fashion star, a music hall prince. Put together, there is a fashion, which is similar to Emma’s brand culture.

Yadi: "dream on the road" 45 seconds of music video appeal emotional marketing

now screen advertising many brands focus on products "function on" and "industry leader", and with "emotion" as the theme of the film in the public service advertising is common, the attempt is Yadi "bold".


let the product and the combination of emotion, the film scene design is very important, the video will Yadi in friendship, affection, love together, create a wonderfull life picture, resulting in emotional resonance with consumers, products and "happiness", "good" and other words linked to this attempt once successful, great influence.

: the new product marketing to strengthen the intelligent technology of

space is kingThe new

space marketing should be planned in the "typical case of hot events" in front of.

November 22, 2013, "smart electric leader" and China new electric car space foundation was formally signed, the new electric cars become "cooperation China aerospace business partners". Towards the end of 2013, the new signing space foundation, 2014 will include full moon hot arms



The biggest harvest

this is the new product marketing case of intelligent push up, it is because of the new contract Chinese space foundation of this event, so that the industry of intelligent technology attention and a high rise. From the consumer market, people began to look forward to more 201>