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, Kodak’s chief blogger Jeanne · Xisini for the convenience of the company to "1000 blog" into the blog provides a simple blog template, she said, to provide a framework of certain types of those interested in writing to become people to the basic principle of decryption of blog posts way encourage everyone to contribute, and to feel more suitable for the whole process of contributors.

Kodak template is very simple, is a simple Word document, named " blog release template… And other practical recommendations." It sets aside some space for contributors to fill in the title of the post ("to attract the attention of others, but it is very simple), the main body and the picture.

is encouraged by the Jeanne and Kodak content creation team, and we have created our own content marketing gold version (you can download it for free in the following URL:

The framework of the

is only available for non contributors and those who are not familiar with the limited and occasional use of blogs. It is best suited for the sharing of content in organizations to encourage those who are unwilling to write or retain something; it is not intended to be used as a general, absolute, and definite framework. Blog posts, not just as a single way, as we write in peacetime, the same thing, there is no fixed pattern. However, you will notice that this blog post template is very representative; it is intended as a concise and clear post of the backbone of the proposed.

those who have a natural talent for the subject (or a talent for writing) can make the backbone vivid, make it something of meat, and create a vivid page. Some other people don’t do this; any only by virtue of this framework to write blog posts, probably are similar, although very simple, but perhaps somewhat tenuous.


is also good, because in your company to share with others (or your own use) similar to the template, the real value is to eliminate the face of a blank page when you naturally do not know from where to start. Everyone will have a little bit like anxiety, but if it makes many bloggers who lost the original power, become dull, and let them think that blogging is a terrible and difficult thing, not worth so time-consuming, it would be a pity. You can also think of this template as a blog post. At first, it will teach you how to write, but soon you will write a blog of your own style.


let the reader know what this post will do for them, and add some interesting elements. Here are some examples of good practices, such as how to _", and ">