A grassroots webmaster do e mail group of dry cargo sharing

our company recently prepared a large number of mass mailing, mainly want to promote our company’s products. On the market of mass mailing software innumerable dazzling, and do not know what software is good. The beginning is a mass mailing software, which is cheap, can buy, does not limit the number of sending. Just started when hundreds of feel good, showed that more than 98% were successful, slowly feel a little strange, why, I have some mail is collected by [email protected], this chaos seven or eight mailbox display was successfully sent, sent to my mailbox a few are not successful, no more to the back, every day a large number of registered 126 mailboxes. And there is no way to know whether the mail is really successful, the user has opened my mail, etc..

and later through friends know on the market now that mass mailing software itself does not have the mass function, as we use 126 mailbox to send, actually sent is to use the platform of the NetEase (with what email is to use what platform to send the mail). While these so-called mass mailing software package will only help you to mail after the NetEase to the platform. The NetEase is a anti spam mail server strategy, every 50 letter about can not be made, but also a large number of registered account for IP to prevent being closed, and this rough estimate, successfully sent mail only about 30%, and the transmission efficiency is not high (intermediate to change IP, mail account, in order to not to be found in our NetEase is also set by spam about 5S).

we expect to send 50 thousand to 100 thousand a day, with the mass mailing software simply can not meet our requirements, whether it is said that the service rate or transmission efficiency. Now our company has the following requirements:

1, able to monitor the effect of mass e-mail, can be more clear understanding of the effect of sending, such as mail delivery rate, open the message, which customers through the link to visit our website, etc..

2, send a number of 50 thousand -10 per day, if the effect is good may increase the amount of transmission.

3, how to prevent the mailbox account due to send too much and shielding our mailbox, and do not have to register a large number of e-mail account

after a variety of understanding and testing, decided to cooperate with the U-Mail mass mailing system, U-Mail is currently in the form of prepaid mass mailing. Such as charging 2000 yuan can be sent to the 100 thousand, do not limit the time, according to the success of the amount to be charged, can be used to recharge. Similar to the phone charge calls, the successful call for a minute and then a minute of money. At first, I still think it is a little expensive than the previous mass mailing software, but listen to everyone in the recommendation that the effect is good, but also decided to charge 2000 yuan to experience a.

several times after the end of the task of sending a message, each message to send the results of the comparison of the data, each of the tasks of the