Sources said the acquisition of Alibaba CNZZ Cai Wensheng denied

February 22nd morning news, according to sources Alibaba group has acquired technology flow statistics of service provider CNZZ, but CNZZ chairman Cai Wensheng denied, CNZZ officials have not received any corporate news, so far everything is a rumor.

according to sources, Alibaba group has acquired CNZZ at the end of last year, the acquisition amount of about $15 million -2000 million. In connection with Sina Technology, Cai Wensheng denied this message.

CNZZ public relations department, said through micro-blog, has not received any notice of the company level, so far all rumors. CNZZ’s business is also normal, and did not stop.

Alibaba Strategic Investment Group senior vice president Zhang Yu said in connection with Sina Technology, has not yet heard of the matter.

data show that CNZZ is a network technology services company IDG investment, is a free service flow statistics technology provider, analysis focused on the Internet site of various types of professional, authoritative and independent third party data statistics. Cai Wensheng is one of the early investors in CNZZ, and has served as chairman of CNZZ.

after the Alibaba had bought the Internet infrastructure service provider network, and general forum program provider PHOWind, analysts believe that the acquisition of Alibaba CNZZ is to continue to improve its e-commerce industry chain. (Lin Ming)