Alipay responded to the large scale circle photos delete illegal content

news November 28th, after the "high-end single friends", Alipay also launched the "small white-collar diary" and "campus diary" social circle, which is part of the large scale users to upload photos, netizens questioned photos or allegedly vulgar. Alipay responded that regard, the circle being tested, for release containing pornography and other illegal acts of speech, Bush administrators have the right to delete the dynamic, do the gag account, or even pull black account.

according to feedback from users of the message, the "white-collar diary" and "campus diary" in most states is seeking a reward by sun pictures, there is a part in advertising. Received the invitation to join the "high-end single circle of friends", but also through the Alipay face recognition test score of yan. If the value of the test scores are not enough, or sesame credit score of 650 or less, can not enter.

in addition, from the top of the page top of the detailed information, the circle positioning for high-end, high income, high quality high-end single people, will be held regularly online and offline single dating party, and to provide high-end customized single dating service.

this, there have been questioned netizens. Friends said that this is a paid version of unfamiliar street strikes (Anne)

The following is a response to text: Alipay

In November 24th, Alipay released the

version of 9.9.7, and for a small number of users of the "circle" products to grayscale test.

"circle" is an open platform, Alipay hopes to open more basic capabilities to partners, operators and more common construction of community sharing community interaction based on real enthusiasts, to facilitate their communication and interaction, so users and industry partners to create value. During the test the ‘circle "has attracted many partners and received wide attention, such as finance, Internet seven Jane tenderness elite, Wu Xiaobo reading circle, Wyatt laps.

‘circle "is a relatively open and open social community, different is, Alipay’s real name and ability based on big data, once found bad information, we have the ability to identify for the first time, and will take measures for classification, but also cooperative partners to create a healthy environment in the community.

we welcome more partners to participate in the industry Alipay "circle" development and operation, to explore more bring unique value for the user community service.