Discuz official forum can not access the reasons for speculation is to fight against pornographic si

20:47 Discuz today opened the official website, can not open the page only shows: due to irresistible reasons, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi telecommunications room, most of the server is off the network, resulting in a number of sites lost contact with the outside world, we also have been implicated, now we are recovering the morning database backup to Beijing area, please visit later.


I went online to search for information:

data: yesterday two, communication operators in most parts of the country launched a campaign against the main target for pornographic websites, WAP porn and did not record sites, well-known community service provider Discuz in the afternoon also interrupt access. In the evening, the owners said the official Discuz forum can not be opened, the official server room where access to allegedly cut off. Subsequently, the Chinese station editor visited the official community found that Discuz really can not be accessed, the site can not pass Ping. Around 8 pm, the official Discuz community to restore access to the official, hang out announcement, said the experience of force majeure, the server is interrupted access, is currently the backup data migration to Beijing area, you can access later.

data 2:12 2 news, the operator to combat jurisprudence site massive sequestration server, China Telecom Jingdezhen branch also issued a notice today, said that from now on to terminate cooperation with all IDC services.

the following is the full text of the notice:

Jingdezhen computer room all customers:

because the room appears suspected pornographic information website, have a significant impact, according to the two sides signed the "Internet network and information security agreement" the relevant provisions, the company decided to terminate me from now on with all IDC business cooperation agreement, and require all customers before December 5, 2009, all servers and network devices will be hosted on our IDC the room all the shelves and removed from the room, in December 5th, our company will stop all rented IP and access services, is hereby notified.

China Telecom Co Jingdezhen branch

December 2, 2009

so Linyi SEO webmaster guess Discuz official forum can not be accessed because of the end of regulation IDC, Discuz where the computer room was sealed.

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