Baidu direct number hidden in where

ideal is good, reality is the backbone of.

in this year’s World Congress, Baidu announced the launch of a high-profile direct number, aims to provide solutions for the traditional service industry to the mobile Internet transformation. After the introduction of direct numbers, so that the outside world to see the ambition of the people and services Baidu link.

from Baidu launched a direct number to target, not only will be directed at the WeChat public, and use their own closed loop payment instruments Baidu wallet will be formed, war incense Ali, it is kill two birds.

, however, may be my worry, first think of Taobao ecological system "through train", train "burn" two words to describe is not too far from the small shops to play with. In essence, the two are a direct service for businesses, the difference is that a PC end user, a mobile client. I do not know Baidu direct number, will step Taobao train’s footsteps.


view, this is the author of the Baidu direct number however, the real concern not only this.

1, triggering Matthew effect, brand enterprise traffic further concentrated, ordinary brands are difficult to share mobile traffic bonus.

Baidu official service account in the mobile platform. Based on mobile search, @ account, maps, personalized recommendation and other ways, so that hundreds of millions of customers anytime, anywhere direct business services." In Baidu’s official introduction, cited the sea fishing, Ryoko foot, Mount Emei as a successful case of propaganda.

however, for businesses, in order to do a direct number of business, a prerequisite is to have a certain degree of visibility. If the lack of visibility, the formation of brand awareness in the minds of consumers, consumers will not find you through direct numbers. From this three brand well knownness, are all well-known enterprises, and consumers are closely related to the basic necessities of life cut.

therefore, it is likely to lead to Matthew effect, with a wide range of well-known enterprise traffic to further focus, the lack of brand influence of SMEs, it is difficult to share the bonus to Baidu mobile traffic. In order to solve the problem, I do not know whether Baidu will copy the PC side that PPC business promotion system, transfer to the mobile search field. If so, in the end is the merchant’s luck or misfortune?

2, O2O is the service life of Tencent, Ali will compete in the field, the direct number only plays the role of drainage, it is difficult to become the main channel of Baidu O2O.

O2O for this trillion market, Ali, Tencent, Baidu three giants have layout, Tencent with WeChat and Twitter Life, intensified competition for businesses catering segments; while the traditional Ali joint intime department store, while creating an open platform Alipay wallet, the business can be free stationed Alipay wallet shop based on Baidu glutinous rice; map, wallet, business layout, forming a closed loop O2O drainage, purchase, payment.

life O2O see is a lure