Car home Li Xiang six months to sell 1 million 160 thousand shares holdings of less than 4%


Li Xiang

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car home in November 5th submitted to the U.S. Securities and exchange commission stock issuance documents show that the founder of Li Xiang at the end of June 9th this year the stock lock up period "has sold 1 million 160 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio is less than 4%.

December 11, 2013, car home to $30.16 per share in the New York Stock Exchange opened. The car house plans to issue 7820000 shares in an initial public offering, but eventually issued a share of the company due to the excess allotment of shares issued by the stock of 8993000.

in listing two days before December 9, 2014, car home stock has entered a 180 day long "stock lock up period". The so-called "stock lockups" that is, stock issuing companies and shareholders with the Underwriters reached in the period of stock trading agreement.

2014 in April, the car home to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted an annual report, this time from the car information website initial public offering (IPO) nearly six months. Disclosure of the annual report as of March 28, 2014, the ownership structure shows that founder Li Xiang holds 5066483 shares.


car home ownership structure as of March 28, 2014

June 9, 2014, the car home stock lock up period expires, about 80000000 shares are no longer subject to lock up restrictions. This means that the largest shareholder of Telstra, the second largest shareholder of Orchid Asia Fund ("fund), founder of Li Xiang CEO, Qin Zhidou can freely buy and sell stocks.

in the June 9th to October period, the car home in SEC submitted to the shareholders of several large shareholders file disclosure orchid fund selling activities, which sold nearly 10 million shares in three months, the current stake of less than 3%, the car home last week also announced the "fund manager Gabriel Li resigned as director of the news.

car home in November 5th submitted to the stock issuance documents, plans to launch a total of 8 million 500 thousand shares of ADS stock, put additional size and initial public offering of shares of similar size, can be seen as the car home second times listed financing. However, in the issuance, the largest shareholder of the Australian Telecom and other cash funds are not owned by the car company.

the outside world is an accident, the paper reported additional exposure to one thing, namely cash to shareholders is not only a "fund, another shareholder cash car home founder Li Xiang.

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