n addition to cut the wire wash those startups house is dead of public relations

Abstract: in "difficult" under the slogan, destroyed three concept show lower limit "PR performance" began to emerge in an endless stream. Business is a close call, but that does not mean to "live" should not speak rules. No lower limit of speculation and marketing, of course, can get short-term attention and interests, consumption of the lack of long-term brand reputation.

on the "shear power line" to get the user previously between campus laundry service company "unknown house wash" night fire.

could not withstand public opinion bombing, CEO Guo Chaoyu finally came out today to apologize, "said embarrassing without doing the laundry and cut the wire, this event is purely commercial speculation". Perhaps he did not think that was to bring the house wash "hard pioneer" of the story, suddenly becomes a reflection of his "black material view is not correct; do not understand there may be" home wash "PR, he just show off performance of the hype in the circle of friends: no wonder Chengdu is immensely proud of washing card sales doubled than yesterday, I PR do more and more professional.


"wash house" is not isolated cases, do not know what time from the beginning, in the "difficult" under the slogan, destroyed three concept show lower limit "PR performance" began to emerge in an endless stream:

1, Baidu


user experience department director Liu Chao in the international experience design conference and make a speech, because the content is too simple, no value PPT professional standards is lacking, by the audience shouted "you too low, go down, then sparked insiders in the know and other social networks. But it looks like a Baidu employee ", but that this is not to think it as shameful" successful propaganda: not so generous to help free the hype. I really do not know the staff and the "home wash" PR is not out of the same door



2, divine black excellent step

The public relations disaster

Shenzhou car we must remember, this is a "Shangdi 100, since the loss of 8000 typical Dutch act marketing". Shenzhou car "Beat U, a group of posters. Hot car" theme from social networks, including actors Hai Qing, Wu Xiubo, Wang Yang, investors Jianqing model Lu, 13 spokesman and former investigative reporter Luo Changping, holding the letter U is marked with a stop sign label, "Wu Bo also appeared in the text, please stop your black car!".


however so publicly attack competitors marketing soon attracted users a strong rebound, many people will "decisively uninstall divine", most of spokesmen are under heavy Tucao sound from micro-blog. Writer Song Shinan said: "as soon as he launched the Shenzhou car advertisement, immediately let himself into a spittoon."

3, star suit