Line plan July PO financing over 1 billion

, according to the Wall Street journal, Line, a mobile communications operator in Japan, announced that it would set an initial public offering (IPO) in Tokyo and New York in July at a price range of 2700-3200 yen ($26-31). This shows that Line can raise up to 112 billion yen ($1 billion 90 million), will hit the most this year, the company’s IPO financing.

Line said that in July 15th will be listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, issued a total of 13 million new shares. At the same time, the company will also be listed on the New York stock exchange in July 14th, issued a total of 22 million ordinary shares.

was hit by a British referendum that led to turmoil in the global financial markets, the Nikkei 225 index fell by about 7.9% on Friday, the United States and the European stock market also fell sharply. The yen appreciated 18% against the pound, breaking into a single day gain since 1971.

According to

reports, Japan Asset Management Co. Asset Management Co Ichiyoshi CEO Mitsushige Akino said, "Line, the IPO price range after a day, because the company wants to look at the development of the situation, until the market down. Investor sentiment has not changed."

according to the British Reuters reported earlier, the Japanese mobile communications software maker Line is expected to become the largest technology market this year. Sceptical fund managers, however, point out that Line’s growth in the Japanese market is weak and its regional expansion plans are also being questioned. Managers also doubt whether their advertising revenue strategy can work.

, according to research firm Statista data, Line as an instant messaging tool, the number of its use in the world ranked seventh, ranked in WhatsApp (Facebook) and WeChat Tencent after.