These eight words say the secret to create a brand

since it is borrowed in the field of design argument, the first brief introduction of graphic design, the four principles".


"affects the whole generation of digital designers" – the world famous designer Robin Williams in the book for everyone to see the book, and made a detailed explanation of the four basic principles.


The basic idea of

is to avoid too many elements on the page.

contrast is one of the most effective ways to increase visual effects.

different, will produce contrast. But if the difference is not great, it is not a contrast, but a conflict".

so, Robin Williams said: if the elements (font, color, size, Xian Kuan, shape, space, etc.) are not the same, then simply let them not the same.



each element should have some visual connection with another element on the page.

each of the individual elements, although the physical location may not be close, but can be properly placed, so that they seem to be linked by some invisible visual link.

The purpose of

alignment is to make the page coherent. In order to avoid confusion, establish a clear, delicate and refreshing appearance.



repeats can be considered "consistent"".

Some aspects of

design need to be repeated throughout the work.

repeat elements may be a font, line, a color of a certain format, spatial relationships, etc..



organizes information or visual elements that are associated with each other, so that their physical positions are close to each other, and thus are seen as condensed into a whole.

this will make the information more structured, can make a more intuitive understanding of the organization and content of the page.


note: the following is the focus of this article –

graphic design of the "four basic principles", how to guide the overall brand building?

one, the comparison principle

to do the brand, it is necessary to strive to express their value proposition, but also strive to be different.

different behavior concept,

different product concepts,

different function properties >