Case analysis Festival time to let the mail fly again

new year started, this time is a blessing and a happy flying time, 10 o’clock in the morning, took a look at the mobile phone, received a total of 30 friends SMS and WeChat, the WeChat accounted for more than 20, the message seems lonely is an indisputable fact.

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mobile phone, open the E-mail, this is the inevitable habit of contact after EDM, in addition to receive individual friends sent blessing cards and postcards, and sent to other companies on New Year’s Day promotional information.



on the receipt of the product promotion of the mail, for this, I agree with, and this time to send me an e-mail I will open most, even if it does not matter spam. I estimate, Jingdong, new egg, today’s data will intime looks better, because they are sending a valuable message, even without permission, it will not make customers objectionable,

this value is reflected in two aspects,

first followed the common sense of living habits.

‘s new year’s day came, the new year, we usually need to send cards or postcards, Acacia or express blessing, this is a simple and easy life principle, while the bulk mail is also based on life than life logic


on this point, I have described in detail in the previous chapter, see example analysis of a master mail marketing, so this day will be higher than the usual mass mail open rate, conversion rate is higher.

followed by the demand for festive consumption.

is not only the new year’s day, other festivals, is actually a consumer and the day of the carnival, most businesses also take the opportunity to carry out crazy promotions, in the consumer’s heart, has buried the festival namely the promotion mindset is not, the festival consumption, if it is not preferential Festival, bullying! Therefore, for unauthorized subscribers of bulk mail, that extra benefits not only the customer is not objectionable, but slightly thanks to this email to

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in the festival time, without the user sending a license for a product promotion DM, is more good than harm, but I only got 3 appliance manufacturers E-mail, this time independent business, those who are still struggling and clothing, what are you doing? Don’t hesitate, planning your topic, write your copy, design your pictures, click send to the user of your


lets mail fly again in front of potential consumers…

fly again!

in 2014, the first article on the marketing of e-mail Bowen starting in A5, mail brother