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Baidu has always been the great flow of Post Bar that many of them know! So the size of the film here were four! The recent drama "sugar heart storm" really fire! Yesterday soon end! All the webmaster for the first time released bombing! I am no exception


I use the Marx program! Most update resources from the network resources on the QVOD release station collection! Candy update to 39 in the storm, I’ll add the resource in the propaganda! Post Bar! To impress my title is written like this "sugar heart storm thirty-ninth set is absolutely true, can not play son has no ass" message, put out within 1 hours immediately to 200 to 300IP, the heart that happy! And Post Bar Dingding found someone! Keep abreast of said cannot play. [as usual update resources have no such problem. I’ll see your] open play, the results did not play! That is the address not added, can see what no problem ah, I went to the station to see other people’s films, the results and I like [depend! These people and I use the same resources well because I] post title. The curse is so many, and so the curse follows. I am anxious, search the other station resources, found a station to update to 40 sets, immediately opened – view source -copy broadcast address on my station! In order to ensure the normal play, I also points to look at can really play. So in the post bar post, " sugar heart storm 40 sets! Pro test! Absolutely available " (at that time few people released the 40 set), the results of my traffic and soared!

but I to post a look. It is a curse condemning, they keep abreast, say I take the first 39, 40 sets to deceive them, I only see light suddenly, the original just can play is the first film (many film station owners do not see their own things.), really hope to hurry to take it delete. The usual evil Lord at this time but I do not know where to go. I am the helpless! This morning a look, I rely on! Post Bar light to flow 1000+ (on my usual day 6 is a huge amount of digital 700IP station is to find the next morning), sugar storm resources, many stations have found out. I also added the two test resources can broadcast, quickly update, finally worthy of me to start the title of an oath.

my station for more than 1 months Baidu has not been included, did not expect him to do publicity included, so in Post Bar, such IP than he included! Through this event although a lot of the IP, but not to conscience! What if the owners with high levels of psychological defense you can consider to use this method! Oh! Of course I don’t mean it!

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