The number was 50 million A round of financing to continue cultivating container technology

today, the number of cloud has officially announced the completion of 50 million yuan A+ round of financing, the financing source of capital investment led by Feng Kai Yun, capital, capital only hunting and UCloud A round of investment to continue with the vote. Round of financing will be mainly used for enterprise market development, the promotion of open source projects, as well as the improvement of the upper and lower reaches of the ecological.

was founded in September 2014 by former Google architect Wang Pu, the core team from Google, red hat and HP and other companies. And in the beginning of 2016 won the capital of the capital of the capital of the yuan A round of round of financing.

in the past year, the number of key business was focused on building PaaS platform based on lightweight container. The platform is deployed in a private cloud and hybrid cloud, using the DM/OS data center operating system is Docker container technology, combined with Mesos cluster scheduling tool, you can have the portability and scalability, management and scheduling of large-scale container cluster. To help enterprise customers to achieve the application of life cycle management at the same time, the management of monitoring, log, and other types of data generated, and the application of automatic allocation of resources, automatic analysis of the operational status of the business.


Wang Pu cited a video client case, when the load comes, the number was first with the container, let him more applications in the calculation of container deployment of existing resources, at the same time to help him apply more computing resources in the cloud, and then deploy more applications. As a result, a sufficient amount of computing resources and applications can help him carry large traffic. The traditional PaaS, flexible management of application did not play in place, by contrast, the number of cloud DCOS native support for cluster management micro service architecture, with a mixed enterprise container cluster management, support node scale million, support ability of big data and machine learning, and hybrid cloud deployment capabilities four advantages.

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in addition, was also promoting the open source technology, for example, SwarmKit Crane and Mesos container management panel scheduler based on Swan open source.

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, it was mainly used in finance, energy, broadcasting, FMCG and other traditional industries, have large domestic public service enterprises, large joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, and FMCG customers.