That year the rabbit was B station 20 million A round of financing

according to 36 krypton news that year that rabbit B station 20 million yuan of A round of financing. Get the B station after the investment, that the rabbit will be carried out in terms of content and B stations in more depth cooperation, although the station took B investment, but the rabbit team is still to maintain good relations of cooperation with the A station and other two dimensional channels.


according to the introduction, this round of financing has three main purposes. The first is that the rabbit IP marketing will devote more energy and resources, the whole team will be extended, may set up branches in Shanghai; on the other hand is the development of new content, in addition to the already identified adorable weapons Niang, pure military to animation "the wind air team", after the financing they will do some non military to two dimensional content. Finally, the rabbit IP derived content, the rabbit has begun planning the big movie, drama is in contact with some teams.