Content and promotion success

site to do a good job, and feel that they are laborious, content is also good, unhappy is not a few people visit. Will you be upset? When you visit the site straight up the number of personal websites and even become when you shake Qian Shu, you wonder whether you’ve obtained? When you do your own website, but it is for any purpose, your promotion is the only way which must be passed. This is a headache for most individual owners. Here we will introduce how to promote their website.

first of all, in the promotion of your site, let us first identify some issues to ensure that your promotion is effective:

1, the content of your site is enough to really meet the needs of some tourists


2, your site target clear? That is to say you want to locate your website content on the one hand? After all, personal website is very difficult to fight in the amount of information and professional website, should be the development trend of personal website.

3, web site structure is reasonable or not to allow visitors to easily visit each page on your site? The page is beautiful enough to not affect the visitor’s browsing?

if you have enough confidence in the above issues, we will look at the common site promotion methods are:

1, search engine landing. Now the Internet is a search engine dominated era, if you leave the search engine, your site almost no access. So the first step to promote the site is to submit your site to a number of large search engines, such as: Baidu, Google, YAHOO, etc.. However, it should be noted that, if your site content is not enough, it is likely not to be included. So first determine whether your site is almost the same, and then submit.

2, link exchange. Exchange links and some popular sites, of course, the general site can, as long as you feel appropriate, but then no harm. But these links are the best and the content of your website related websites, it is easier to attract visitors to your site, because if your website content and website link to your partner completely irrelevant, when the visitors came through the link, found that this site is not what he needs content, they are usually leaving soon. This is not conducive to increasing the amount of access to your web site. Of course, there is no promotion, because the purpose of the promotion is to increase the amount of access to the site.

3, forum community. Log on some of the popular community, forums, to recommend your website users. Of course, there is a big premise is that your site content is really attractive. Or use your QQ or MSN first to ask some friends to visit your site, and then they recommend to their friends.

4, mass mail. Of course, this is not the way we advocate, because now spam. We all have a responsibility to work together to maintain a good network environment. Of course, the appropriate, not offensive to promote the message, it is true