Ji Yuan capital Li Hongwei there will always be a bubble as long as you have the value of growth inv

entrepreneurship preparation


on a looks quite successful, confused, is the most difficult, when you talk to a portfolio companies have exchanges, and CEO also has a very deep feelings of friends, decided that it can not continue, should quit, or business or to do it but CEO must change. In the venture capital industry, making similar decisions is the hardest.


so at the beginning of the investment, I will be very careful. For entrepreneurs, I often asked a question: what is the DNA you want to create? If you think is the decisive factor in its execution, the execution will be your key to build business models, establish DNA entrepreneurial team time; if you want to invent the next generation of intelligent robot then, DNA technology will be critical to your company; if you need the product of global marketing, need to focus on brand building, you must create a market, brand direction DNA.

but even if the direction is clear, the problem will always appear. Whether it is the company’s investment, after a year, three years and even the company listed, I think the key is that you have to learn to solve the problem. At different stages of the company, the problem is different.

(1) early development, you may need to consider how to find the right people to join the team, how to lead the team in the right direction. This includes the following aspects. First, to the enterprise development direction and strategic positioning, clearly communicated to employees; secondly, have a very strong team building skills and appeal, to retain the different talents; thirdly, to quickly build the company procedures and system; the growth of enterprises, in the process, can listen to the views of foreign.

actually, the last point is an important factor in the investment or not. Many companies started, entrepreneurs can humbly listen to suggestions, but when the enterprise develops a scale, it is easy to become proud as Lucifer, arrogant. Even Microsoft, Google this kind of world-class enterprise also has some problems, still need to listen humbly foreign opinions on investor goodwill in the process of entrepreneurs’ persuasion, entrepreneurs can listen to and timely introspection was Guan Jian.

(2) as the company grows, you need to focus on the market strategy, how to correctly locate the product, how to find the market, and your economic model is feasible.

you have to consider the market today is not exist, whether large enough, can carry the new company; determine the timing and pattern of the market, want to know what time to enter, whether to enter the very early, whether to enter the red sea.

a number of start-up companies in 14, the boom of the past 15 years, in the Uber, under the influence of drops, may be misled, that can create the market through the subsidy model. I think this model may be feasible in some areas, but not in all areas. >