A map to understand how to use WeChat mall sales

Since WeChat

out after they have been talking about the WeChat shopping mall (through WeChat public account guide to the enterprise website, is the official website or shop, hereinafter referred to as micro mall), even some people think that this is the mobile electricity supplier of gold. Can not be denied by the WeChat public platform to cut mobile electricity supplier is an opportunity, whether it is for the traditional enterprise or electricity supplier companies are able to dig deep use of its value.

just recently a friend and I want to communicate through micro mall how to achieve product sales. I take this opportunity to share the idea of the so-called micro mall shopping, but it is not complete reference. Summary of a flow chart, and we explore how the micro mall shopping.



we discuss whether micro mall to become the enterprise mobile providers seize this opportunity, we might first think, the value of micro mall to the user where users feel valuable? They will use this pathway, which is valuable.

I thought, what users want to buy things through your micro mall, but not in PC or other APP channel. There are only 2 possible reasons, either cheap or convenient, of course, both convenient and cheap that better. The sweetness of some cheap is not a permanent solution, which means that the price system will be chaos, or the price war at the expense of the interests of. So in the end it must be convenient, after all, users are always lazy, like to use their most convenient way to carry out, and in line with the habits of future users. Then we can sum up the "convenience" for two reasons:

1, easy to use, save time. Mobile phones can be described as the most intimate and portable internet devices, and mobile Internet has become a habit, anytime, anywhere, do not have to wait until the home or office can be used when shopping PC. Can be used in the car, on the road and a lot of fragmentation time. This is a trend and habit.

2, do not download more shopping APP, such as Taobao, shop one, Jingdong, etc.. Data show that social communication tools are the most widely used mobile phone users to download the shopping APP too much will take up a lot of mobile phone space, small cell phone screen can not afford.

based on these two points we believe that users may be concerned about the enterprise WeChat to achieve shopping transactions. But through the WeChat public platform as shown in the above process of micro shopping, the following 3 conditions when a user sends instructions or through the WeChat public platform into a custom menu select merchandise orders "link:

first, into the enterprise micro official website.

Here the so-called

micro official website can be understood as the enterprise independent website, but must pay attention to the optimization and adjustment of adaptation of mobile phone browsing this website (usually touch screen version of the best design with HTML5), or if it is purely official website on a mobile phone will display subtitles appear very small, slow loading etc. the situation, the user experience is quite good, so the technical requirements.