The second China Venture Capital Conference


second Chinese risk investment conference was held in Shanghai the day before, including the Jinsha River venture capital fund (GSR) investment partner Pan Xiaofeng, Aurora investment fund senior vice president Jiang Haotian, HSBC direct investment (Asia) Investment Limited company director Liang Yingjie, deputy general manager in China Softbank really more than 60 venture capital institutions and nearly 200 project participants docking. Joint analysis of 07 years of investment, interpretation of investment risk may in favor of the project, and the development of venture capital investment policy, law, investment management mode, to the high-tech industry support, capital exit mechanism and policy environment of the fierce battle.

the conference consists of guest speakers, roundtable forums, project show three aspects, through the discussion of 2007 venture capital investment opportunities and operating practices, investment institutions, angel investment and excellent domestic enterprises to provide docking project financing platform, investors and project leading Party contact. Among them, the "show" in the link, eight high-tech projects, the most investment value of most attract investment institutions came roadshow, interact with venture capitalists and participants, drew the attention of many investors.

in the field of Internet banking on whether the issue of overheating, to participate in this session of the guests have shared their views. Liang Yingjie said in his speech that venture capital investment in the Internet is a rational return of decline, but that the Internet in the field of venture capital investment, the better the better the heat. Liang Yingjie said: "in recent years in the field of Internet investment risk investment" over emphasis on ‘, but due to the current Internet domain is lack of profit model, nearly a year to gradually reduce the investment risk in the field of the Internet investment, even gradually launched the Internet field, can be said to be a rational regression." In response to this view, Pan Xiaofeng said that the data show that China’s fund has been on the rise. He said "investment and wireless internet field, and even the whole Chinese venture, whether it is overheating, each one according to his lights. Jinsha River venture focused on early business, and thus for Jinsha River, the hotter the better vcs. From the beginning of the second half of 2006, the number of institutions involved in the field of venture capital in China, the sharp rise in capital, currently has 600 million U.S. dollars of funds invested in china. In the last few days to participate in the roadshow project, including the production of traditional virtual display high-tech projects, including Web2.0’s 155 video network, as well as traditional industries and the site of the CBD interactive network. This is to be the "capital of Mr Pan Xiaofeng in a speech, ample opportunity and plenty of entrepreneurs will create more wealth."

host poly network CEO Wu Minghua said in an interview with reporters, poly network organized by the relevant investment and Financing Conference, the purpose is to allow both sides of venture capital face to face, to achieve win-win situation. Poly network from September 2005 has been held for many investment and Financing Conference, has been committed to creating a platform for entrepreneurs and investors. At present, a number of venture capital investment and financing through the negotiations will be favored by angel investment and venture capital, the total amount of financing up to 1 billion.