nterpretation of sina micro blog blocked WeChat promotion rumors mainly for inductive marketing

A5 (admin5.com) station network November 26th news, the news that sina micro-blog will fully blocked WeChat promotion information, today at 12 o’clock, if micro-blog account is not clear public account promotion (including background, fan service background, micro-blog text guide etc.), the micro-blog account will be banned or a possible title.

even before the WeChat circle of friends shielding fast envelopes news war the smell of blood seemed full of the upcoming opening, @ Sina micro-blog first interaction is threatened: welcome to report to each other, to encourage an aggrieved grudges against revenge. For a time, micro-blog blocked WeChat rumors popular on the Internet, the smell of gunpowder.

on "micro-blog blocked WeChat promotion information" rumors, true, today, the fan service platform announcement that will be launched on WeChat promotion information cleaning. But before the 12 point will be blocked WeChat promotion account is not from the official message, the original micro-blog is currently in the deleted state. The following is a detailed explanation of the A5 webmaster network rumors:

first, fans service platform has indeed released such information: WeChat promotion will be cleaned up;


second, mainly for the three types of information processing services: SMS, private letter powder automatic reply, custom menu issued a two-dimensional code image and marketing information, powder clothing private messages, automatic reply, custom menus and so on have induced obviously. The possibility of the existence of false propaganda and speculation information;


third, independent "before 12 noon", not "a comprehensive clean-up of WeChat marketing account, 12 points before the micro-blog blocked WeChat Sina micro-blog is not the official account published rumors, rumors related to now in the deleted state, micro-blog @ Sina first interactive" grudges against revenge tooth for tooth "has been deleted.



Sina official is to clean up some of the ways to do the marketing account, but the normal WeChat promotion will not be affected. Chiefs of the money to the rich, but not so capricious, the major micro-blog masters, WeChat public number marketers who can rest assured.