TW 100 enterprises SYPC exclusive in depth visits into the Hangzhou Ali group

Alibaba is China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second largest Internet company, was founded in 1999 by Ma Yun in the company’s online business platform for business. May 2003, invested one hundred million yuan to build a personal online trading platform – Taobao. In October 2004, Alibaba invested in Alipay company, launched Chinese oriented e-commerce market transaction security based on intermediary service. Alibaba headquarters was established in Hongkong, the establishment of China headquarters in Hangzhou Chinese, and set up overseas in the Silicon Valley, London, 3 branches and joint ventures in Beijing, Shanghai, Chinese, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and other regions, the establishment of a branch office more than and 10.


enterprise with TECHWEB SYPC, Peng Su went to Chinese headquarters in Hangzhou, to understand the Alibaba’s corporate office environment.



front are equipped with Apple laptop two Taiwan, the general enterprise is no



group vice president, director of "the world" network editor Zhu De paid


Ma leader, but not in the office, at present, this is his office door number


is a legend of a man




Ali employees collective wedding, ha ha, internal digestion


into Ali, will be very obvious and strong feelings to Ali’s corporate culture, corporate welfare super good, inside the post office, canteen everything




next to introduce Taobao, Ali’s one of the best assets



here is a real-time display of Taobao transaction data of large electronic screen, yellow thick area is relatively active trading area


Taobao store