U S video e commerce platform nvodo 6 million investment

news July 18th U.S. video e-commerce platform Invodo announced before won the second round of venture capital of $6 million, the current round of investors for the Sevin Rosen Funds and S3 Ventures.

Invodo is a provider of the video in the form of selling goods, electronic business platform for online transactions, the user through the Invodo platform, can be their own product publicity made into the form of video upload, compared with the traditional electronic commerce picture and text, video communication is more intuitive feeling and visual impact. Currently Invodo platform has attracted more than 20 thousand products from more than 1900 manufacturers of video.

Invodo CEO CraigWax said the new investment will be used to further expand the capacity of the video library and provide more valuable new features, such as embedded video player. Invodo will further increase its marketing efforts.

Invodo is headquartered in Texas, USA, has now become the world’s largest e-commerce platform through video products.