Word of mouth marketing can bring inspiration to the wedding industry

word-of-mouth marketing counterattack

as everyone knows, the media has played an important role in the business, companies want to enter the public eye must pay for traffic and exposure, and to undertake such a persistent and high advertising costs are only large enterprises.

this confirms this sentence: the media has been used as the commercial market and the role of gatekeeper.

the emergence of the Internet era shook the supremacy of the media, which is no longer the only way to account for market share. The age of the Internet provides an open and transparent environment for consumers, according to social media, from the media to get information and other people experience experience, change the past passive acceptance, the purchase of goods to take the initiative to publish and spread the information of products identity, consumers have more initiative. Therefore, the reputation of the product becomes more and more important, which is undoubtedly beneficial to businesses and consumers change. So far, the experience of goods to consumers will undoubtedly be placed in the most important position.

users of the enterprise, the word of mouth is very important, a good reputation can quickly accelerate the sale of goods, the rapid convergence of interests. After all, the rapid development of the information age, if you do not do a good job of the user experience, products, services are likely to be replaced at any time.

can’t deny millet is by word-of-mouth marketing started, and has become a big company in a few years, outstanding contributions in the field of mobile phone are seldom able to match, they may have criticized the "doctrine", this is another matter. No one can talk about word-of-mouth marketing forget millet. Li Wanqiang in the millet word of mouth marketing manual, referred to the core of the Internet is the reputation of the king of the word of mouth, the essence of word of mouth is the user thinking, is to allow users to have a sense of participation. Consumers are no longer satisfied with being a passive recipients of information, want to share good products also have bad product abuse desire anger, in the process of consumers in a certain degree. The list also hope to get emotional resonance, build a gang. Rice noodles like millet, hammer hammer powder, and powder. They are based on a certain emotional needs, which is commonly known as "experiential consumption". How to use the mobile phone to enjoy the function in this big family found in the process of experience and values of the same partner fun, millet fans can give products to give personal opinions, these experiences so that consumers are no longer alone, experiential consumption is to meet the needs of emotional resonance.

another leader in the traditional fishing industry, but also a good user experience and thus the formation of a strong reputation of the chain store. Sea fishing Hot pot flagship restaurant, the industry itself has advantages and disadvantages, the grim situation in the capital has been to seize the catering market, sea fishing has maintained a steady and even accelerating development, in addition to dishes taste good, most people praise is their service. Can be seen in the public comment on all the evaluation is positive, which is the most talked about keywords have a great service, the restaurant is humane, surprising". Outside the restaurant