Get rid of the food and beverage industry downturn O2O marketing into a breakthrough point

[introduction] large catering enterprises encounter cold shock, including Xiaonanguo, xiangeqing are in trouble; the traditional food and beverage industry good is O2O marketing mode in the rise, is expected to become the breakthrough point of catering enterprises out of trouble. Whether the standard O2O or O2O new means of marketing, marketing services, it is necessary to try.


sand water to analyze and analyze the current dilemma faced by large catering enterprises, and will be for their current problems to do some sorting and diagnosis. First of all, we make a definition of large-scale catering enterprises, according to the data after Baidu show that the number of large catering enterprises should be more than 800 employees, annual sales of more than 150 million. Judged by this standard, can be regarded as large catering enterprises are basically restaurant chain or restaurant group, such as McDonald’s, KFC, pizza hut, South Beauty, Quanjude, xiangeqing, Xiaonanguo, little sheep etc.. But unfortunately, the time to enter the 2013 after the beginning of large-scale catering enterprises in the winter.

large catering enterprises encounter cold shock

although the catering market is huge, has more than 2 trillion years of income scale, and for many years to maintain a growth momentum, but the size of the market growth process of catering enterprises are facing growing pains, revenue decline or slowdown in the challenges facing. Among them, high-end food and beverage brands Xiaonanguo 2013 earnings has shrunk dramatically, 2013 revenue of 1 billion 386 million yuan, an increase of 4%, net profit of 671 thousand yuan, down 99.4%.


another catering listed companies is not optimistic, the report shows that in 2013, xiangeqing last year attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit loss of 564 million yuan. So in July this year we saw xiangeqing transformation to do big data business, the company changed to cloud branch network technology group Limited by Share Ltd, a sigh. There is a well-known catering enterprises of South Beauty in May this year was forced to change, its largest shareholder is Europe’s largest private equity fund CVC Capital Partners.

especially at the end of 2012, the central government against corruption and luxury consumption in the eight regulations promulgated, the policy on public spending restrictions and the rising cost of the entire food industry especially a huge impact in the high-end catering industry. So we saw in 2013 China’s catering market revenue grew by only 9%, the growth rate continued to decline, the lowest increase in the lowest rate in 21 years. High end dining severely frustrated, above the limit for the first time in recent years, negative growth in food and beverage revenue, down 1.8%. As for us all.

O2O marketing into a large catering enterprises help grass

large catering enterprises encountered in the 2013 policy change and rent, labor and raw materials costs are the objective reality of the external environment faced, doomed to change.