Network marketing to win sales must first win consumers

consumer as the main body of market consumption, carrying the past and future of enterprise development. Yesterday the market, there are some consumers to buy your product, but does not mean that, today they are still your users; yesterday not to buy your products, you have to work hard today, they will be incorporated into your consumer groups? Enterprise annual investment in the market for customers and work, so in today’s era, how hard is a shortcut? Is the consumer identity, effective sales tips? Liu Yuhan and everyone to discuss today: the Internet era, how to use the network marketing, consumers win, win sales.

public business owners should know that product quality is the fundamental guarantee to win the favor of consumers. There is no real good quality, the enterprise will only resort to deceit, good publicity will usher in a day to consumers. So, if we have really good products, but no one knows but lost a big opportunity, that is too bad. How good the products advertised, let more people know about our products? How to maintain the old faithful users, giving users a reason to follow you.

When people buy

products before the most "consultation" is the object of network. Consumers will choose to understand the product through the network to understand product reputation and related promotions. So before you must study the potential spread of our target consumers: "they are in the product to move forward, which will search to Baidu keyword search queries? Your product information, whether they will appear in the forefront of the search results? Show the contents, whether can attract consumers to further understand the products, play a guiding role to buy?" Liu Yu with do network marketing, the purpose is to solve the above problems for customers. We should "through the aimed, for the crowd to do psychological behavior analysis, behavior and psychological needs of their master, and make accurate content and communication plan, there is a demand and a desire to buy the target population, to attract the most effective, thus for high conversion rate."

allows users to find us is not enough. Now consumers have more confidence in the strength of the brand. Then the next work is to shape our network brand image. Matrix of the network brand construction platform (including brand marketing force, perfect the official website after packaging, micro-blog has WeChat certification and dissemination of the contents and quality of official Post Bar etc.), so that consumers have adequate platform to interact with us, to understand the business dynamic, grasp the latest activities, maintain close communication with enterprise. Brand platform, to provide valuable information to consumers continuously, so that consumers feel the brand is not only a product to meet the actual needs, we registered on consumer psychology and emotional satisfaction, so that consumers of the brand culture and service approval from the heart. For consumer feedback, we will reply for the first time; the spread of the brand, we do not deceive consumers real; for the efficacy of the product or function, we should not exaggerate; we should fully display the brand real affection. Don’t hurt >