Holiday economy popular tourist electricity supplier multi channel access to economic dividends

China Securities News eleven golden week, travel has become a major way for people to relax, holiday economy fiery.

Xinhua news agency, according to the forecast data released Chinese Tourism Research Institute shows that this year’s National Day Golden Week tourism consumer confidence in the stable, the market supply and demand booming tourism. Domestic tourism market is expected to receive 589 million passengers, an increase of 12%, tourism revenue of $478 billion 180 million, an increase of 13.5%. According to this data, the national day per capita tourism spending will be more than 800 yuan.

589 million passengers and 478 billion 180 million yuan for "big cake", including Ctrip, the way cattle travel, Ali and many other domestic online travel website, the national holiday is an important force point.

Wang Zhiquan, deputy general manager of Ali travel vacation division, said that for the eleven golden week launched tourism products, as early as July of this year, has been on the line and do the relevant promotion, is a super pre-sale products


and at the moment, people’s way of travel has been mainly from sightseeing to see the king of walking and shopping based buy buy buy, the development of a local experience based on the experience of the slow life slowly". Freedom of travel, the depth of travel, the surrounding tourist travel favored by tourists. Whether it is online travel electricity supplier or travel agencies under the line, are looking for the direction of this consumer upgrade.

semi customized service is one of the key. A number of domestic online travel sites responsible person said, select the depth of the depth of the tour, the proportion of consumption of theme travel products growing. Thus, the way cattle net introduces launch colorful theme, including polar exploration, outdoor, travel, medical experience and other characteristics, the basic price in the yuan, and substantial sales.

insiders pointed out that this year’s tourism business platform to the intermediary trend is obvious. This approach allows travel services providers and consumers directly linked, compared to the travel agency to provide tourism products, price, credit is a great advantage. in the National Day this year launched hundreds of thousands of related products, a lot of United Airlines, hotels, scenic spots, the Bank launched the sale every day, but also stimulate the enthusiasm to buy mobile phone users. The website of Public Affairs Manager Yin Wenjie said that the current data, some popular lines have received ten thousand people sign up, National Day holiday will organize more than ten thousand people tour activities. In addition, the "eleven" during the golden week, many airline ticket prices also ushered in the price peak in a year after the Spring Festival, especially the end time of golden week, the direction of hot ticket a ticket is hard to avoid it, "has become the highlight of many business platform promotion.

public relations manager Mao Shaoqing said: "in order to encourage more tourists choose to travel peak, we launched the ‘peak tickets more comfortable" activities. If tourists choose to travel peak, not only the transportation cost is greatly reduced, can avoid the peak passenger flow of national day."