Tmall President Wang Yulei in 2015 what is the role of service providers

[note] January 21st I world network operators, Alibaba in Hangzhou held an open debate connecting service providers will be, more than 1 thousand and 200 service providers participating. Tmall President Wang Yulei referred to the new opportunities for the development of Ali ecosystem service providers, and said it would build a service provider communication system, and service providers to achieve win-win development.


here today, I want to talk to partners two things: "first, what Tmall does in 2015; second, 2015 TP (service provider) role is what." March 2014, I introduced Tmall to do things, brand fashion, industry vertical, member value, wireless personalization, service layering, in 2015 the five things will not change.

a fine operation is more important than traffic

from the beginning of 2014, Tmall business by staking the past, the development of fine operation. 2015, starting from the diverse needs of users, Ali is also an international and village Amoy project expansion. But for store operations, we must go to the fine development. Therefore, we can not simply rely on traffic growth and growth, consumers have to buy satisfaction, more back. Either he will come back or he will buy more at a time. We need to work hard. Tmall is currently in the exploration, improve service vertical business, such as Tmall supermarket, large home appliances business, supply chain services, growth momentum is still rapid. But the clothing has met the challenge, homogenization, price competition.

in the past at Taobao keywords, to get free traffic, in addition to future solutions provided by Ali Mama, the store traffic conversion rate, real value driven brands of products and services is more important. Over the past few years depends on the business skills leading, now has been unable to keep you focused the skills. For Tmall in 2015, the organization structure is relatively flat, vertical industries, including clothing, 3C, home improvement and other building materials category space is very large. The growth rate is expected in 2015 will not be reduced, the market is far from saturation, and contrast the retail line accounted for than low, not a busy retail industry 10%. So TP partners do not worry, but the way to do business must change.

two, will only sell profitable service providers are not enough

TP in the past more emphasis on how to make money, but only through the sale of business is not enough. In 2015, to lose some short-term interests, really look at the long-term role of TP in the future electricity supplier is what may be some TP too difficult. Therefore, the future of TP in the field of electricity providers can not find the location and unique value is very important. The future of the TP market, it will be 28 differentiation". In addition to Tmall, Tmall international will introduce a lot of brands, the most missing is the role of TP. Because the brand goods is no problem, the brand is no problem, just do not know how to do electricity supplier in china. I believe the future of TP can not do domestic business, but also to do international business. If the TP is based on past experience, it may