Vertical industry B2B e commerce model to analyze the steel development of a trend which cannot be h

as one of the pillar industries of national economy, the construction of iron and steel industry in recent years, the financial property enhancement, the iron ore price suppression, the industry overall profit decline, in production and management system under the mode of steel industry into the era of meager profit, choice of e-commerce to build a new industrial layout seems to have become the choice of most people.

with more and more people in the industry into the field of electronic commerce, the steel e-commerce platform competition has entered the white hot stage, including my steel, China combined steel nets, steel stock, Chinese Europe Pu steel net each accounted for the market, to seize the user; it is really Baigezhengliu, the exhibition style; all kinds of e-commerce mode is to develop, to fight.

iron and steel industry to enter the ultimate goal of e-commerce

obviously, we know that the essence of the electronic commerce or business after all, business transformation is to achieve the interests of the iron and steel, the purpose of e-commerce is to hope that through self built platform or to join the third party platform sales professional. In the future development trend of e-commerce, online transactions will become the first choice for enterprises. It is understood that the current domestic steel industry to realize e-commerce platform BSTEEL online, the only spot trading of steel stock, Chinese Europe Pu steel mesh Lange steel, etc. there are several other like steel, China United steel net and steel more today is the depth of mining focus on information services.

by the author of the largest steel steel industry information station I learned research, I implemented steel market prices, trend analysis, market research and other more traditional e-commerce model, through membership fees, fees, advertising and other information to achieve market share up to half of the entire industry of electronic commerce, and further expand the trend. At the same time, according to iResearch released 2011 steel industry profitability of the electronic commerce website was shown; the China steel stock and a number of emerging to achieve online transactions for the purpose of the site is still in a long period of market development, achieve profitability is still a long way to go.

industry B2B e-commerce model selection

in the Internet industry, free is always the most important means of e-commerce platform in China and the world’s largest Alibaba that is through the free form of beat eBay and other e-commerce platform established and win the title, visible free in the Internet industry to seize the market is how to highlight the role.

my steel old information station through nearly 10 years of accumulation, the advantage is that by providing information services gathered a group of loyal users, according to iResearch statistics, by the end of 2011, the number of users in charge of site has about 12000, compared with the entire steel industry’s 30 million, just a very small part, fully shows that the market has great potential.

at the same time, by providing accurate free information services, you can quickly enhance the site’s user access. According to Alexa official data