Enterprise Rent-A-Car: What It’s Like To Work For The Green Car Rental Machine

first_imgMany of us rush around an airport searching for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car desk in an effort to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. But, when you stand at the desk did you ever stop to think about what it’s like to be an employee at the largest car rental company in North America?Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews | Enterprise Rent-A-Car Jobs | Company reviews from employeesHere we offer a look inside the world of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and share one employee’s perspective of what it’s like on the other side of the steering wheel. This Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee review is featured as Glassdoor’s review of the month as it presents a balanced look at what’s working well and what may need improvement.The review comes from an Assistant Manager based in San Diego, CA who kicks off their review with a few words of advice: “Only the most competitive survive here.”Here’s a deeper look into the Pros and Cons of working at Enterprise:Pros:They hire social, outgoing, competitive individuals making it a fun place to workGood training for the corporate world if you are new to the arenaSome people move up quickly though the system and are successful in a short period of timeCons:Mandatory long hours – minimum 55+ hours/weekTaking days off impacts entire areas due to stark, understaffed branches Although the company claims to be built on honesty and integrity, competition is intense, driving some employees to do unethical things to get an advantage/get promoted. Upper management don’t approve, but choose to look the other way because it makes them more money.So when this reviewer was asked what advice would you give to senior management to make the work environment better, they said:“Try harder to keep current employees happier. If employees complain, don’t just pretend to listen, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And if you don’t do something about it, don’t act surprised when they quit.”Interested in reading more? Click here to find more Enterprise Rent-A-Car company reviews or other reviews from the car and truck rental industry. And if you happen to work or are interviewing within this industry share your experience.last_img