You have the effect of safflower injection for the treatment of dysmenorrhea three health female

for dysmenorrhea girls often appear to understand the treatment of dysmenorrhea related methods are necessary. In fact, in real life, there are many ways to treat dysmenorrhea, but the majority of girls are more confident that Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine can be cured by the treatment of dysmenorrhea. In these Chinese herbal medicines, there are red flowers. So, what is the secret recipe of safflower treatment dysmenorrhea?

1, a secret recipe

secret: Cyperus rotundus, Da’an Guangxi, trumpetweed, Rhizoma Corydalis, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, safflower, Costus root, red peony root. The secret of Qi, blood stasis and analgesic effect, apply to qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by dysmenorrhea. The use of the recipe is very simple, as long as the above medicinal materials according to a certain amount of water can be decocted, it is recommended that a day, two times a day. read more

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Different age MM health network female breast recipes

beauty of the hearts of all people have.

especially women (female food), regardless of age, want to have good posture. Today, there are many breast enhancement (breast food) products, but not as convenient and safe diet.

but different age, but there are different recipes, so you can according to their own age to Sibu, I believe that before long, there will be proud posture.

adolescent female

at this time, women can eat some rich in vitamin E, vitamins (vitamin food) B, protein (protein food) and can promote the secretion of sex hormones, so as to achieve the purpose of breast fitness. read more

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The areola is how is it Perfect the areola just 3 steps ‘s health network

usually does not affect the beauty of the breast areola size, but when the partner with naked relative, your beauty beauty areola is particularly important. In a man’s cognition, life of female nipples should be pink small, but if you have a big and black areola, he will inevitably think.

(energy-saving? Perfect the areola just 3 steps)

so, what energy-saving?

normal areola diameter is 3-5cm, less than the range of the areola is too small, otherwise the areola is too large.

women in pregnancy and lactation, in addition to breast ptosis, there will be expansion of the areola phenomenon, this is normal. read more

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Two party mastitis diet health network

acute mastitis is breast invasive pathogens and in which breast growth and reproduction of acute suppurative infection caused by. This kind of disease is more common in the first time to do the mother’s female, often occurs in postpartum 3 – 4 weeks. The early manifestations of nipple, pain, pain or fear that maternal lactation, and refused to lactation, milk stasis, breast pain discomfort or block mozume milk. Female friends can also through the diet prevention and treatment of mastitis mastitis, here is the diet party. read more

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ntraductal papilloma of breast ‘s health network

intraductal papilloma needs to be differentiated from intraductal papillary carcinoma and ductal ectasia syndrome.

(1) of breast intraductal papilloma and intraductal papillary carcinoma of breast: both see spontaneous, painless bloody nipple discharge; palpated areola lump, and pressing the lump in the opening of spill hemorrhagic liquid from the milk tube. Because of their clinical manifestations and morphological characteristics are very similar, so the differential diagnosis is very difficult. It is generally believed that the nipple discharge of breast intraductal papilloma can be bloody, it can also be serous or serous, while the nipple discharge is more common in the patients with papillary carcinoma. read more

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Comprehensive care of breast health tips health network

is a breast disease step by step threatens the majority of female friends, we only mastering breast care knowledge can really protect the breast, some health tips below is the comprehensive care of breast


tip 1: pay attention to lifestyle


found in clinical experience, the incidence of breast disease and many bad habits. The following factors, more worthy of all women pay close attention to, and try to make their own way of life more healthy.

1, maintain normal weight: obesity is a high risk factor for breast cancer. Should be as high as possible to reduce high-fat, high calorie foods, especially fried food intake; read more

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Ten happy mood high food for health net

in order to live a stable life without stress, a real diet is indispensable. Intake with nourishing effect that can reduce the pressure of the invasion, instead of junk food will make against the pressure rise sharply.

but what exactly does it take to relieve stress, not just herbs or hard to get premium ingredients?. According to, a British stress network, many common foods also have a role in easing stress.

put the following food into the dish or as a snack at the end of the day, to stop the pressure. read more

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How to maintain a good breast health net at different physiological stages


female puberty, breast gradually began to develop, and breast areola nipple areola and nipple have increased, the color gradually deepened, the development of glandular tissue, subcutaneous fat increased gradually, breast plump conical, full and upright, then to protect the breast is mainly to make more healthy breast development.

so, how much is the normal breast development? In fact, breast size should be commensurate with the height, size, height, shape due to different breast size standards It differs from man to man. read more

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