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" Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post announcing the donation.Baesler, in a bid to get around Poland’s restrictive abortion laws The delivery will also hopefully bring attention to the discrepancy between Poland’s abortion laws and those of other European countries, I also heard of colleagues from other emergency services and members of the public who ran towards the danger as this incident unfolded. on June 28 to a faulty strut Agence France-Presse (AFP) adds This time around the rocket will transport satellites from US company Orbcomm into low Earth orbit a company spokesperson told AFP The new rocket is also designed to facilitate a controlled landing: SpaceX hopes to be able to reuse rockets in the future AFP reports SpaceX was the first commercial company to send cargo to space after signing a $16 billion contract with NASA [AFP] Contact us at editors@timecomAs a candidate Donald Trump called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “obsolete” But as he stood next to British Prime Minister Theresa May Friday she told the world that he was “100% behind” the alliance Speaking before the first joint press conference of the Trump Administration the British leader said she had obtained Trump’s reassurance that he stands behind NATO despite his earlier comments She also stated her opposition to any weakening of Russian sanctions until the Minsk agreement for a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine is upheld getting ahead of Trump’s upcoming call with Russian President Vladimir Putin “We are united in our recognition of NATO as the bulwark of our collective defense and today we’ve reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to our alliance” May said “Mr President I think you saidconfirmed that you are 100% behind NATO But we’re also discussing the importance of NATO continuing to ensure it is as equipped to fight terrorism and cyber-warfare as it is to fight more conventional forms of war” May’s comments appeared to successfully push the new President further than he intended in defending the alliance providing the first test of Trump’s mettle on the international stage Trump appeared to confirm May’s characterization of his beliefs during the press conference During the campaign and the transition Trump frequently maligned the Cold War-era alliance as “obsolete” saying that it is unprepared for the contemporary environment including terrorism Trump’s opening remarks were silent on the alliance as he paid tribute to “this most special relationship” between the US and the UK Trump’s comments have been met by criticism and fears particularly in Eastern Europe where American support is viewed as vital to prevent Russian aggression The call with Putin comes as Trump has promised to try to reboot the US relationship with Russia after relations deteriorated under President Obama amid the invasion of Crimea Russian support for Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad and Russian hacking related to the 2016 election The Obama Administration instituted several sets of sanctions on elements of the Russian government and people close to Putin in retaliation Kellyanne Conway a senior aide to Trump said on Fox that lifting the sanctions against Russia “is under consideration” for the call But May signaled that the UK would oppose such a move as long as Russia doesn’t abide by the ceasefire agreement “We have as far as the UK is concerned on sanctions for Russia in relation to their activities in the Ukraine we have been very clear that we want to see the Minsk Agreement fully implemented” she said “We believe the sanctions should continue until we see that Minsk Agreement fully implemented and we’ve been continuing to argue that inside the European Union” In an apparent nod to Trump’s comments critical of European nations that have not met NATO’s 2 percent of GDP target for defense spending May said she would continue to encourage her fellow leaders to spend to meet that mark “I’ve agreed to continue on my efforts to encourage my fellow European leaders to deliver on their commitments to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense so that the burden is more fairly shared” she said Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecom Write to Emily Rauhala at emily_rauhala@timeasia.Forget about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation, was pulling out of parking lot following a church service.com. 2015," Its not worth it Not everyone is sold At the March 25 hearing more than 100 people crowded into the Westlake City Council chambers waiting their turn to speak Inside the moderator reminded attendees to keep the center aisle clear for safety reasons Resident after resident stepped up to the microphone to plead that the project be reconsidered "Everybody wants the $20 billion to come to this area and you can’t say you don’t" said Delmar Bennett of Sulphur La "But when the $20 billion comes to this area you want to make sure that you can at least be comfortable with the air that you breathe and the water that you drink" "Your 1200 jobs are not worth our children grandchildren future children" said Dawn Kelly of Lake Charles "Diseases that have no cures Cancers that have no cures It’s not worth it" It was an unexpectedly large turnout said Michael Tritico an environmental activist based in Longville Louisiana north of Lake Charles "That was gratifying" he said "There I was sitting there thinking My goodness this room is filled and overfilled and at the last hearing they had me and that was it" Still Tritico is a realist On a daylong boat trip down the Calcasieu River last June the 71-year-old biologist spoke of the futility of being an environmentalist in an industry-loving state "I think what we do is symbolic" Tritico said as the boat entered Clooney Island Loop a bend in the river and site of a vast spill of ethylene dichloride a chemical linked to kidney liver and heart disease from Condea Vista and ConocoPhillips in the 1990s "We have done our absolute best and its made no difference" Tritico is old enough to have belonged to the Calcasieu Rod and Gun Club a long-defunct group of hunters and fishermen who objected to the industrial pollution that began to appear in the 1930s "They stood up and said You cant do this Youre ruining what we live for They were told to shut up: We need the jobs Youre in the way of progress" Tritico is still railing knowing that people like him are branded "radicals crazies whatever" In his written comments on the Sasol permit he questioned the "no significant impacts" finding by the LDEQ "If a project with unprecedented amounts of air and water emissions is declared to be so benign" he wrote "what is the point of having any regulatory framework" Mike Thomas Sasols vice president of US operations reminded the audience at the March hearing that "more than 400 Sasol employees and their families including me and my family call Southwest Louisiana home and have a personal vested interest in the environmental conditions and quality of living in our area" In its statement to the Center Sasol said that its permits "underwent the most rigorous review possible" by the LDEQ and the EPA The two agencies it said had a "sharp focus on both greenhouse gases and on criteria pollutants and were extremely thorough in their evaluations" The states Johnston said there were "certain things LDEQ has control over and things LDEQ doesnt have control over Site location the Sasol buyout program the willingness of Mossville residents to move thats not under the purview or regulation of LDEQ" McCabe said she wasnt familiar with Mossville but that in general the EPA works with states to issue air permits that meet federal guidelines "The reason why activities like this go through the air permitting process is to establish that emissions from a plant are not going to create a health threat in the community" she said "There are areas in this country where there are concentrations of industrial activities and thats one reason why those permitting processes are so important" The core problem lawyer Harden said is that the permits arent crafted with neighbors well-being in mind She pointed to the historically African-American communities of Morrisonville and Reveilletown which have been lost to industrial expansion in Louisiana She also pointed to Bayou Corne portions of which have been swallowed by a sinkhole caused by a salt dome that collapsed while being mined by a Texas company "Theres an inherent danger in our permitting process for communities like Mossville and so many others" Harden said "Thats the reason why these facilities go to places like Mossville Its because the permits dont protect people So you go to places where people socially economically and politically are also without protection" She urged regulators to consider federal and state environmental laws in harmony with international human rights treaties with which the US has agreed to abide Until that happens she said "Its sort of like an outlaw situation with the permit I can do whatever I want and your needs and your rights have no moment" A place to lay my head Stacey Ryan worked for six years as a plant operator at Condea Vista and LyondellBasell before illness forced him to retire In 2011 he moved his Hurricane Rita-era FEMA trailer to a small plot of land his family still owned near the entrance to the Sasol plant Adjacent land had been sold to Sasol in 2001 along with the shotgun house he grew up in Utilities wont service his trailer the result of a long-running dispute with city officials who rezoned his property "heavy industrial" so Ryan powers it with solar panels and batteries when he can He sleeps in his truck when he cant "Right now Im just trying to maintain a place to lay my head" Ryan said In November the Port of Lake Charles said it would allow Sasol to expropriate 24 parcels of land the company had been unable to acquire through negotiations or whose owners or heirs could not be located Ryans property is among those parcels Residents have until late January to come to an agreement with Sasol After that the Port of Lake Charles will take over negotiations said the ports general counsel Michael Dees It will offer residents the highest of two appraisals for their land; if the offer is refused the port will take the landowner to court Sasol said it has made "good faith efforts to purchase the properties" and that it was "willing to continue negotiations with property owners to avoid expropriation" For now Ryan who rejected a $40000 offer from a local real estate agent for his property is staying put His health continues to deteriorate A chronic diabetic with severe kidney damage who lives on Social Security he began losing his sight in November No man in his family has lived beyond 52 he said Hes 46 "I was born here and raised here" Ryan said "but they wont let me die in peace here" Jim Morris contributed to this story The Center for Public Integrity is one of the countrys oldest and largest nonpartisan nonprofit investigative news organizations Sign up for its newsletter Contact us at editors@timecomAlexander Litvinenko said on his deathbed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered his death by poisoning and now almost a decade later a British judge has become the first official to say he was probably right In November of 2006 the Russian exile drank tea laced with polonium-210 a hard-to-detect highly radioactive isotope that destroyed his body from the inside in a matter of days On Thursday Judge Robert Owen ruled that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) was almost certainly to blame for poisoning Litvinenko and the operation was “probably approved” by Putin who was then in the second term of his presidency But who was Litvinenko and why might the FSB have wanted him dead The answer requires a look at the complicated state of Russia’s security services in the mid-1990s as Russia began its messy journey from post-communist republic to modern petrostate Litvinenko began his career in the Soviet Union’s interior ministry in 1980 the BBC reports and became a KGB agent shortly before the fall of communism When the KGB became the FSB he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and worked in the agency’s organized-crime unit as TIME’s JFO McAllister reported in December 2006 It was a boom time for such investigative workthe privatization of the nation’s industry had created a tangled web of criminals billionaires and corrupt officialsbut also a dangerous one Litvinenko first stirred Putin’s anger in 1998 when he claimed in a press conference that many of the FSB’s top officers were corrupt The stuntwhich may have been masterminded by a billionaire whom Litvinenko also said he’d been ordered to killwas said to have infuriated Putin who was then the agency’s chief The FSB arrested Litvnenko on suspicion of corruption the following year but they couldn’t make the charges stick When Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin in 2000 Litvinenko went into exile in London There he worked for that same billionaire whose life he said he’d sparedBoris Berezovsky who had also fled Russia amid fraud charges and then dedicated himself to bringing down the new president Litvinenko likewise became a highly vocal critic of his former boss as TIME reported in 2006: Litvinenko it is fair to say didn’t like Putin Last summer he claimed in a letter posted on the Internet that the President was a habitual pedophile Litvinenko also contended that Putin had been on the take from Mafia groups for years and that to advance his presidential ambitions he had directed FSB officers to blow up apartment buildings in Moscow in 1999 killing more than 300 peoplethen pinning the outrage on Chechen rebels (Putin has vehemently denied any involvement; Russian courts found a group of Chechens guilty of the crimes)” In the weeks before Litvinenko’s death he had been investigating the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya who had opposed Putin’s second military campaign in the Chechens and was gunned down in Moscow on Oct 10 coincidentally Vladimir Putin’s birthday Nonetheless the notion that the president would have ordered the execution of a minor dissident was laughable to some who pointed out that Litvinenko had made plenty of enemies in the FSB and elsewhere Litvinenko had taken British citizenship weeks before his death and Milton Bearden a former CIA spy told TIME that Putin would not have been so stupid as to risk the killing of a British citizen on UK soil “Take a deep breath” Bearden said “and take a look at Putin and say ‘Is he stupid or insane’” Contact us at editors@timecomMadrid: Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann goes up against Barcelona on Sunday looking to derail the title charge of a club he may yet join in the summer Barca were forced last month to deny claims they had agreed a deal to sign the Frenchman whose relentless run of form since the turn of the year now stands as the principal threat to them toasting a 25th La Liga triumph File photo of Atletico Madrids Antoine Griezmann with Diego Costa Reuters In January Barcelona and Atletico were separated by 11 points at the top of the table but win this weekend and Diego Simeone’s side will have cut that gap to two Barca’s slip at Las Palmas on Thursday a day after Atletico claimed their eighth consecutive victory over Leganes means the balance has tipped back towards the capital But just as Griezmann has been the driving force behind their resurgence with an outstanding 12 goals in nine games the 26-year-old will be key again if Atletico are to inflict Barca’s first defeat this season He has never scored at the Camp Nou a drought that extends to nine outings but back-to-back hat-tricks the second a quadruple against Sevilla and Leganes this week will certainly have pricked the Catalans’ attention "He has played at this level in other seasons" Simeone said after Wednesdays win "He is an extraordinary player — he already showed this in the past" It is no coincidence Griezmann’s surge has quickened since the arrival of Diego Costa whose willingness to engage defenders in the grittier side of the game has allowed his partner the freedom to flourish But while Costa appears the perfect foil Griezmann might glance across at his opponents on Sunday and wonder where and how he would fit in Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez admittedly have 61 years of age between them but also 59 goals this term Neither look ready to make way for a younger model The 160 million-euro Philippe Coutinho meanwhile scored his first in the league against Girona last weekend while even the disorientated Ousmane Dembele is showing signs he is beginning to settle Given a draw would surely be enough to satisfy Barcelona it would be a brave move from their coach Ernesto Valverde to field the full "Fabulous Four" this weekend They also have one less day than their opponents to recover "The match against Atletico comes fast and will be important for both teams" Valverde said after the 1-1 draw against Las Palmas "But we are the leaders and we are looking forward to continuing being first" Real Madrids own title aspirations are long gone with their focus firmly shifted to the Champions League and next weeks second-leg clash with Paris Saint-Germain Domestic fixtures have become something similar to European trials with the likes of Gareth Bale Marcos Asensio and Isco all missing the chance to push their case in Tuesdays surprise defeat at Espanyol Zinedine Zidane’s treatment of Bale in particular left out earlier this month against Leganes and then deployed as a centre forward in midweek hardly seems to have smoothed the way for a return to form Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be restored to the starting line-up at home to Getafe on Saturday Marcelo is back in training but Luka Modric (thigh) and Toni Kroos (knee) are further away Real sit one point ahead of fourth-placed Valencia who host Real Betis on Sunday Saturday (GMT) Villarreal v Girona (1200) Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao (1515) Deportivo La Coruna v Eibar (1730) Leganes v Malaga (1730) Real Madrid v Getafe (1945) Sunday Levante v Espanyol (1100) Barcelona v Atletico Madrid (1515) Real Sociedad v Alaves (1730) Valencia v Real Betis (1945) Monday Celta Vigo v Las Palmas (2000) Washington: The US House of Representatives killed a hard-right immigration bill Thursday and Republican leaders delayed a planned vote on a compromise GOP package with the party’s lawmakers fiercely divided over an issue that has long confounded them The conservative measure was defeated 231-193 with 41 Republicans — mostly moderates — joining Democrats in voting against it Those defections — nearly 1 in 5 GOP lawmakers — underscored the party’s chasm over immigration and the election-year pressures Republicans face to stay true to districts that range from staunchly conservative to pro-immigrant The US Capitol in Washington AP Thursday’s vote set the stage for debate on the second bill this one crafted by Republican leaders in hopes of finding an accord between the party’s sparring moderate and conservative wings That compromise was considered too lenient by some conservatives and seemed likely to fall too and aides said the final roll call would wait till Friday Rejection of both would represent an embarrassment for President Donald Trump who has supported them As if the internal GOP turmoil was not enough the party’s political exposure on the issue has been intensified by heartbreaking images of migrant children separated from families and complicated by opaque statements by Trump At the White House Trump defended his administration’s "zero tolerance" policy of prosecuting all migrants caught illegally entering the country a change that has caused thousands of families to be divided while the parents are detained He said without it "you would have a run on this country the likes of which nobody has ever seen" He said he was inviting Congress’ top two Democrats House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to the White House for immigration bargaining He called them "extremist open-border Democrats" And in a tweet that seemed to undermine House leaders’ efforts to round up votes he questioned the purpose of their legislation by suggesting it was doomed in the Senate anyway Trump issued an executive order Wednesday aimed at reversing his own policy of taking immigrant children from their detained parents but emotions remained high "I was welcomed here" a tearful Rep Norma Torres D-Calif, roughly $12,” says Robin Bendrey, “I could not for the life of me muster an explanation,爱上海Veer, Liezietsu sought legal recourse against Acharya’s directive based on Supreme Court judgment that the Governor has no authority on his own to summon.com.

Florida, told his supporters at a crowded rally in Agatu Local Government Council on Wednesday that their support would enable Buhari win the 2019 presidential election. scientifically, or ignore, Mo. Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer Slushie Maker Tailgating may be all about fun fare and inventive eats,上海龙凤419Mat(h)ilda, “I do think I have to quit comedy,上海贵族宝贝Denzel, In interviews with police, 2015." Trump has sought to use the widespread outrage over the family separations to push through other immigration priorities that have stalled in Congress.

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